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Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States (44.97730 -93.26547)

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Nombre: Mapa topográfico Minneapolis, altitud, relieve.
Coordenadas: 44.89015 -93.32916 45.05125 -93.19386
Altitud minima: 207 m
Altitud maxima: 360 m
Altitud media: 268 m


The city center is located at 45° N latitude. The city's lowest elevation of 686 feet (209 m) is near where Minnehaha Creek meets the Mississippi River. The site of the Prospect Park Water Tower is often cited as the city's highest point and a placard in Deming Heights Park denotes the highest elevation. A spot at 974 feet (297 m) in or near Waite Park in Northeast Minneapolis, however, is corroborated by Google Earth as the highest ground.

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