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Putney, Greater London, England, SW15 1RG, United Kingdom (51.46255 -0.21675)

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Nombre: Mapa topográfico Putney, altitud, relieve.
Coordenadas: 51.42255 -0.25675 51.50255 -0.17675
Altitud minima: 2 m
Altitud maxima: 68 m
Altitud media: 21 m


Putney Heath is around 400 acres (160 ha) less the nascent A3 road in size and rises to 45 metres (148 ft) above sea level. Because of its elevation, from 1796 to 1816 Putney Heath hosted a station in the shutter telegraph chain, which connected the Admiralty in London to its naval ships in Portsmouth. One of 10 signal stations with telescopes making observation of the next station's signal, a message could be sent from the Admiralty to Portsmouth within 15 minutes. This was replaced by a semaphore station, which was part of a semaphore line that operated between 1822 and 1847.

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